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❌10 Mistakes you probably make when fighting with your partner


1. Using gestures that dismiss your partner

One of the mistakes that we commit in relationship is that we often let our patners piss off by using iŕŕ!tating gestures on them and that must put a stop.

2. Fighting about more than one issue at a time

Again, we try fighting on two or more cases at a time and that try to slow the the progress in relationship. I would personally advice we try finding a way of controlling this behaviour.

3. Blaming your partner

Also, one should not blame his or her patner always on unneccessary issues. He or she is very close with you and you can find a way of solving cases instead of blaming each other.

4. Giving your partner the silent treatment

One should not be in silent moments always to his or her patner. Just keep the conversation moving.

5. Not listening to their arguments.

Sometimes, one of you would want to argue on a specific issue but then the other will turn deaf year to his or her patner and this very bad because it does not show tolerance

6. Fighting at the wrong place or using the wrong medium

So far as you are in a relationship, there is no way there wouldnnot be a problem with you and your patner. Whenever there is a problem, do not try to fight with your patner. Find time when you both are at home then you call for a meeting to solve the problem other than fighting him or her in public.

7. Using harsh words

Always be polite in relationship and never use harsh words on your patner if you want to keep your relation with him or her moving

8. Holding your relationship hostage

9. Arguing when you’re tired or hungry

10. Exaggerating by using words like “always” and “never”

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