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2 Major Things A Lady Does When She Is Interested In A Man

Liking someone means that you are happy being with that person, while loving someone means that you absolutely cannot bear to be without that person.

As cliche as it may seem, liking gives you the proverbial butterflies in the stomach ‘“ but loving someone involves something much deeper than that.

Liking someone, u can like people by how they talk to you, how they behaves on you and more.

Liking someone may depend on you.

The mystery about the likeness between a man and a woman is an endless discussion. We

have heard many stories about how some men are able to crack the code of being

comfortable with women and even having the attention of these women as if they created them.

Interestingly, understanding women is not hard at all or should I say is very easy, because

women are always giving signals to men. It is just for you the man to look and see which signal a woman is giving you.

Women also admire men, they do find men attractive and would want to get involved with the man or get close to the man and get to know the man.

In the western world, women have the free space to approach men and even propose to

them, not in Africa, yet still wherever you may be in the world, women are women they do not change when it comes to behaviour and characteristics because the creator fashioned.

women in a certain manner that their behaviour should give men a clue of how they can understand them(women).

So in this article we will look at some signals women give men all the time but most men

They either don’t understand or don’t see at all so they might say understanding women is hard.

Understanding women is not so hard like some make it seem, just follow some of these

signs and you will realise that you have had the key to opening that relationship that you’ve wanted with that pretty lady all along .

So what are some of the signs that a woman is admiring you and she expects to get your



As the lady continuously keeps stirring at you, eye contact is one of the major key women

used to communicate with men, a woman may stir at you for a few seconds and then take off her eyes, some may stir at you till you notice them stirring at you., some may just steal a glance and then turn away.

All these messages show that the lady is trying to get your attention and wants you to

approach her and talk to her.

Women use their eyes to call men or invite them, the eyes of a woman is one of major tools to signal a man. Unlike men who will look at women mainly for admiration, a woman will mostly focus her attention on you through her eyes when she is interested in you to a to a certain degree.

2 When she wants to be around you every moment she sees you

Women are truly difficult to understand, yet still they always give away clues so that the men they admire and desire can get close to them. It is true that most women are very vigilant when it comes to the kind of men who can come into their circle.

These same women have their own way of telling a man, “I want you”.

3 A lady would not hesitate to come around you, sit beside you, try holding your hand,

try to start a conversation with you, just because she admires you or is interested in you

She will make her presence strong around you and make you notice her, she will try to have your attention even to the extent of distracting you from something you may be doing at that particular time.

So anytime you see a lady throwing herself all over you and trying to make herself noticed by you, just know that it is a signal that she might just be telling you of her intentions to have

you talk to her or know that she admires you and may be interested in you.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope you enjoyed it.

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