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A Beautiful Woman With Disability Sādl¥ Narrates How She Nearly Committed Suic!dę Because Of Hotel Attendant (video)

A voltaren beautiful woman has sadlÿ recounted how she nearly took away her life because of a hotel attendant due to her disability.

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This beautiful disable Votaren woman was interviewed by popular Ghanaian female YouTuber Ms. Amobi on Amobi Tv and she recounted a lot of sād events that happened to her.

According to the woman, she went to church with her husband and a man from nowhere started to pain her black to her husband saying she’s disabled and why did he got marry to her.

She added that, she went for a program in Accra and was looking for a place to pass the night which she got a hotel she refused to disclose the name that treated her like trash because of her disability.

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