Black live only matters when white kills Blacks – Efia Odo reacts to the 90 year old woman’s death

Well known Ghanaian socialite and television presenter and actress Efia Odo has finally also reacted to the death of the 90 years old woman who was killed in the Savannah region.

The 90 year old woman was beaten to death after she was accused of being a witch.

A lot of people reacted to it and wanted those who beat the woman to be prosecuted.

Well, Efia Odo has also taken to her Twitter page to express her feelings.

According to her why didn’t Ghanaian celebrate the old woman like how they celebrated George Floyd.

She added that maybe what happened to the 90 year old woman is a normal thing so no one cares.

She concluded that, black live only matters if white man kills black person.

“Wondering why the same energy given to George Floyd isn’t being given to the elderly woman who was lynched due to allegations of witchcraft. I am too to blame. Maybe it’s become it’s a norm in our culture so no one really cares. Does black lives only matter when whites kill us?” She wrote.


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