Bullet Unveils New RuffTown Star Who Looks Just Like Ebony and Sings Like her – video

RuffTown Records CEO Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet, has unveiled a new talent he might soon drop on Ghanaians and she’s a carbon copy of the late, great Ebony Reigns.

The singer, known as Lisa, is Bullet’s actual niece – the daughter of one of his siblings.

Lisa is sporting dreadlocks like the late Ebony Reigns and sings jut a bit like her. Bullet over the past few days has shared videos of Lisa singing on his timeline, asking Ghanaians if he should sign her to his label.

So far people seem impressed with her talent as they keep comparing her to Ebony and begging Bullet to sign her.

One follower wrote: “Awww … All I hear is Bony… Beautiful voice,”

Another added: “Nice voice…She looks like late ebony and the voice sounds the same, Abeg she’s qualified.”

Since her death, numerous so-called Ebony lookalikes have popped up but it seems the real one would be coming from Bullet’s family.

Watch videos of Lisa below…


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