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Funny: Hawa Koomson features on movie posters (photos)


When they say the Ghanaian has a huge sense of humour, believe it. We love to create funny moments in the mist of unfortunate circumstances. We simply love to play.

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One thing I always look out for is how the Ghanaian will present a serious matter in a hilarious manner out of sheer ingenuity. This is mostly displayed in the Twitter community.

The current unfortunate shooting incident in Kasoa in the Awutu Senya East Constituency of the central region was not spared. These creative minds came to duty on this one and really delivered.

The woman in the centre of the brouhaha was obviously in the centre and the focus of these artists and photo editors.

The Member of Parliament for the area, who happens to be the shooter was depicted in various pictorial arts characterizing her actions at the scene of the incident.

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She was further nicknamed with names of characters in some popular action movies. “Captain Zorro”, “Terminator”, “Rambo” among others nicknames were dished out to her.

Check out few of these photos here,


This popped up really fast.

The famous cartoonist, Tilapia waded in with a classic

The Movie above the law had her as lead character.

Wait. Kumawood was not left out. She did feature with Lilwin and Akrobeto.