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Ghanaian Citizen Jailed After Accidentally Receiving & Spending Part Of £90,000 In Her Bank Account (watch)

Ghanaian Manchester based woman at the age of 50 has been reportedly jailed after she accidentally received and spent an amount of money which is not he’s.

Report reaching tells that this woman is an Ashanti woman, with the Comfort Kunadu and she has been jailed after she refused to be honest to a shopping mail she want to buy some items.

According to the report Comfort Kunadu went to a shopping mall in Manchester in last year September to get herself some item.

After doing all the purchasing she returned some of the items which cost £9 equivalent to 67 Ghana Cedis and when the shop attendant was refunding the money back in Comfort Kunadu’s bank account, she mistakenly sent £90,000 equivalent to 672,567 new Ghana Cedis into Kunadu’s bank account.

After Madam Kunadu got bank alert with such huge amount of money, she began to spend it.

God being so good, the Manchester investigation team were able to find out that Comfort Kunadu was the woman who mistakenly got that amount from the shop attendant.

She was rested and jailed for not being honest to the nation.

Watch video below

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