Grass to grace story of Nigerian-London based DJ, Meks Richard

DJ Meks Richard born Richard Anokwuru Emeka Amadi  is one of the African DJs making waves in London. 

The Eti-Osa native relocated to London in the early 2000s.

Meks’s driving force was to hustle to make ends meet while in London. But somehow, he found himself venturing into Disk Jocking.

Considered as one of the most booked African DJs in London and other European countries, Sharing his thrilling story with our reporter, via instagram conversation, Meks recalls how he ventured into Djing, noting that he started performing in the clubs and other African events.

This portal had a one on one interview with the professional Disk Jockey:

What are your plans for the future?

” I recently launched my record Label, Meks Record Label. My aim is to sign young talents and push them. This is something I have always dreamt of as a child, to help people.”

As a Talent Manager, how do you combine promoting your talents and working as a DJ?” Currently, I have a few big names within the Nigerian entertainment industry I am currently working with. Talents within the Movie, Music and Comedy industries. It is such an honor to work with all these amazing people, I combine the two jobs so easily to the extent of giving my best in everything I do”.

What are some of the challenges you face as a DJ?

” In any profession, there are challenges. With the help of God, I do manage to face every challenge and I always have a goal of achieving greater height, so problems are just motivation for me.

When are you planning to relocate to Nigeria?

” At the right time, for now I have a few projects I am currently undertaking in Nigeria. I recently launched my label and am planning to launch my charity foundation soon as well.

Thank you for your time Meks, we wish you well in the coming years.

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