“I Don’t Clear Rumors About Me Anymore” – Criss Waddle To The Media

Ghanaian rapper, business man and founder of AMG Business Criss Waddle has said that he doesn’t really care about what people say about him anymore especially when they are considered rumours. www.sammyflextv.com thinks he is actually talking to journalists who would want him to clear such issues about him in the media space.

Every entertainment lover can testify to the fact that Criss Waddle is one of the most talked about celebrities in Ghana concerning his riches, gay rumours, how he makes his money and more.

According to him, he doesn’t pay attention to any rumor nor negative things about him again to the extent of even explaining and clearing himself to the public. Instead, he will laugh over it and enjoy life to the fullest.

In a Facebook post, he shared this information- ” I don’t clear up rumors about me anymore, I just laugh it out loud and go sit in my Bentley, Frummmmmm! #amgbusiness.


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