I Ignored Jesus Christ Because Of Avram Ben Moshee And I Have Regretted- Man Cries As He Speaks

Avram Ben Moshee is someone who is really popular in Ghana due to his contradictions for the Bible. He said the Bible was fake because he was once a Muslim, Christian amd a Jewish so he has really studied the Bible but he found out all was a lie

He said many things about the Bible including Jesus Christ did not come to save us, we need to worship Jesus Christ with the Jewish. Avram has been able to win the heart of many with his teachings whiles others also blast him.

In an interview yesterday title wogyidie ne s3n wo nyame mu( What is Your Faith In God), a man who was asked what was his fate in God cried bitterly that after listening to Avram Ben Moshee he followed him and ignored Jesus Christ.

The man added that he has really regretted his doings very well because he later realized that it was the wrong thing he was doing. He also told the audience that they should be wise and continue with their fate but not to listen to Avram Ben Moshee.

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