I was Ras Kuuku’s VGMA award in the ghetto – Okada man reveals (video)

Unidentified Okada man who returned Ras Kuuku’s missing award has finally revealed where he found it.

After the man returned the award many questions were imposed on him as to how he saw the award.

According to him, he saw the award in the ghetto and he decided to return it back because the name on the award indicates that it belongs to Ras Kuuku.

A lot of people were surprised as to how the award managed and get to that place and some also believed Ras Kuuku himself took it there and it got missing in the process.

Well, as it stand Ras Kuuku has not uttered a word concerning the coming back of his award so we want you to keep closer to us as we bring you an updates from Ras Kuuku’s camp.

Watch video below


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