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If it was your king who asked you to open the school would you have blast him to open it himself — Sammy Gyamfi question Nana Addo (Video)


The communication director for the NDC political party has gone hard on the sitting president of ghana after blasting the chief of aflao.

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Nana Addo during his radio tour was told that the king of aflao is asking him to open the eblock building that was put up by John Mahama else they will divert their anger to them.

Nana Addo responded that they should get their tools up and open the eblock themselves.

Well, Sammy Gyamfi on UTV went hard on Nana Addo saying he shouldn’t have say that to the chief of Aflao because if it was his king who said that under no circumstance will he ask him to go and open it himself.

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