If You Are Ashawo Do It Well And Gain Something Or Stop It – Tracey Boakye Advises (video)

Ghanaian movie producer, actress and entrepreneur Tracey Boakye has advised her fellow ladies who are into the Ashawo business to do it well.

During a live video when she was interacting with her followers on social media, the actress claimed that, any lady who has been sleeping with men who they are not married to them are also in the Ashawo business.

In the conversation she made it clear that some women will be with some men they called their boyfriends for about 10 years and will even spend on these men but at the end of the day the men will dump them.

According to Tracey Boakye, a lady who stand on the road side to sleep with men for money are better than the ladies who will be with a man for 10 years with gaining anything.

She further advised them to do it well to gain something out of it or they should stop it, meaning a lady who’s not married should take money form men after sleeping with them or they should stop opening they legs for these men.



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