Joyce Blessing`s YouTube Page To Be Disabled In 7 Days After Copyright Strike From Her Former Label

Ever since Joyce Blessing left the management of her husband’s record label Davejoy Production Ltd, she has never known peace in her music career.

Her former label has been chasing her everywhere on social media and all they do is to report her pages and YouTube channels. Though she has nothing to do with them again, they keep monitoring her activities from all corners according to reports from the gospel singer herself.

Recent happening is that, her YouTube channel with the name “Joyce Blessing Unbreakable” has been reported by DaveJoy concerning a virtual concert Nikki she held in her name. According to YouTube, the video she posted from the virtual concert which includes the song “Jehovah Talk And Do” is a product from DaveJoy Production Ltd so the video will be taken down including the account in 7 days due to copyright strike.

In other news, Joyce Blessing has denied having access to her old accounts including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Though all her old account’s name has been changed to her new accounts, the unbreakable singer says she is not the one in charge of it so no one should deal with her former label in terms of business.

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