Kalybos Finally Reacts To Funny Face Accusations

Ghanaian Comedian Kalybos has finally reacted his fellow comedian Funny Face accusation.

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In a video Kalybos posted on his Instagram page he was spotted firing shot at a target and under the video he captioned that remaining silence is what he prefer.

Apparently, Funny Face in series of videos we’ve monitored on his Instagram and Facebook page, he has been showing shots at some of his colleagues.

According to Funny Face in the video Lil Win, Bismark The Joke and Kalybos has been tarnishing his image for a very long time and he can’t buy that anymore.

Lil Win came out and replied and now Kalybos is also out with his reaction.

Kalybos shared his video on his Instagram page with the caption “To be silent is golden”

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Former Afia Schwaznegger star and popular Ghanaian atheist Nana Tornado has revealed the best way a woman can get man’s attention.

ALSO READ Kalybos Finally Reacts To Funny Face Accusations

In his advice to ladies live on eTv, he made it clear that women should stop searching for husbands in churches through prayers.

According to him in adult talk show “In Bed With Adwen” Nana Tornado revealed that very lady has what’s it takes to grab any man.

Nana Tornado added that a lady can grab the attention of any man through decent dressing and good behavior.

He concluded that, there’s no need to go and kneel down in church calling on Jesus for a husband while common sense can tell you that dressing decently is the best way to get a husband.

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Well known Ghanaian female rapper Eno Barony has classified Sista Afia as a low female rapper.

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It all started when Sista Afia came up with a diss track for Sister Derby, Akuapem Poloo and others titled WMT.

Eno Barony reacted to the track even though Sista Afia never mentioned her name but Eno Barony felt she was supposed to knock the rap door before entering but she never did.

Eno Barony was interviewed by Zion Felix and she disclosed that, if she’s to battle with someone not Sista Afia because Sista Afia is not a rapper.

Apparently, Sista Afia post on her Instagram story quizzing whether Eno Barony is also a rapper or not.

ALSO READ Kalybos Finally Reacts To Funny Face Accusations


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