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Leicester Book FA Cup Final Against Chelsea, With 21,000 Fans Expected To Return.


Kelechi Iheanacho’s goal did more than just send Leicester into their first FA Cup final since 1969. It was the first time spectators cheered at Wembley in more than a year.

Fans had not been allowed into England’s national stadium since March 2020 due to three national lockdowns.

As coronavirus restrictions ease, Wembley allowed a 4,000-strong, physically-distant crowd to watch Leicester’s 1-0 win over Southampton on Sunday to check the return of spectators.

While only local residents of the north London district over the age of 18 who tested negative for COVID-19 were permitted, some fans of both teams were able to obtain tickets.

“We could hear variety of supporters for Leicester within the crowd in order that was really, very nice ,” Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers said. “It’s a step toward getting that kind of connection back because the sport is nothing without the supporters.”

Returning to a game for the primary time in 2021 gave Leicester supporter Pascal Mollar an opportunity to reflect on what he’s missed.

“I think it’s just a way of camaraderie, isn’t it?” he said. “Obviously, you accompany friends, you accompany family, people you’ve often known for an extended time and grown up with, just getting together and having amusing . i feel that’s something that probably communities have missed anyway, across the country and round the world recently. So this is often a step back toward that I suppose, it’s going be an honest thing.”

While reaching an FA final is rare – and it’s never won the competition – Leicester did win the Premier League so unexpectedly in 2016 and picked up the League Cup in 2000.

By the time Leicester faces Chelsea within the May 15 FA final , the govt hopes up to 21,000 spectators are going to be allowed, including a large contingent officially from both clubs.

The pilot scheme aims to fill half of the 90,000-capacity Wembley Stadium for the ecu Championship final on July 11.