Meet The Ugly “Azhariya” Former Student Who Says No Girl Can Turn Down His Proposal

An ugly young Ghanaian has bragged that no girl on this earth can turn down his proposal which has made a lot of people to also descend on him.

Well the young Ghanaian who has been identified as Ibrahim Shaibu popularly known as Britisher or Pesewa in a Whatsapp conversation with his friend said that no girl can turn down his proposal not to even talking of braking up with him.

In the WhatsApp conversation which was sighted by 360ghnew.com, Shaibu was quizzed the reason why he was still online without sleeping.

He was asked again whether his girlfriend has broke up with him and he answered that there’s no way any of his girlfriends can dump him.

According to him, he would rather breakup with them but they can’t breakup with him.


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