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Meet Woda Maya The Handsome Ghana YouTuber Who Will Soon Control YouTubing In Ghana

Woda Maya, a popular Ghanaian YouTuber has set fire on the internet for hitting 500k subscribers on YouTube.

Woda Maya was born was Berthold Kobby Winkler and he is a Ghanaian Freelance Vlogger/Youtuber. He got the name Woda Maya when he started his vlog way back in China which means “my god”.

Berthold Kobby Winkler‘s idea behind his vloging is to sell African in a positive way to the rest of the continent.

Well, Berthold Kobby Winkler hit 500k subscribers on YouTube a couple of days ago which has made him the first Ghana vlogger who a huge number of followers.

What is surprising is that Wada Maya got his 400,000 subscribers on 20th June 2020 and it jumped to 500,000 subscribers on 21st August 2020, meaning he got those new 100,000 subscribers in just 2 months and that’s amazing.

He has traveled to a lot of African countries showing the beautiful part of our beloved continent.

Check out some of his videos and trust me you will love him to the fullest.

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