My son Patapaa was a humble boy when he was a kid – Mother reveals (video)

One Conner hitmaker, Pataapa’s mother Madam Akua Boatemaa, has revealed that his son was very humble guy when he was a kid.

Madam Akua Boatemaa made this shocking relationship on Okay Fm when she was been interviewed by popular Ghanaian radio presenter Abeiku Santana.

During Patapaa’s interview on Okay Fm, Abeiku Santana called Madam Akua Boatemaa which surprised Patapaa.

Live on air, Abeiku Santana quizzed the mother to tell Ghanaians who Patapaa was when he was a kid.

Patapaa mother then voiced out that, her son wasn’t a trouble maker in other words he was humble.

She added that Patapaa didn’t liked a breast milk and also the food he always enjoy when eating was rice and “Konkonte“.

Watch interview below


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