Mzbel Narrates Circumstances That Pushed Her To Put On Night Gown To Prophet Nigel`s Office At Night

Musician Mzbel has reacted to claims that she went to Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s office to seduce him, claiming she doesn’t even like young guys to go seduce the man of God who she is way older than.

According to her in a live video on Facebook, she said she only responded to Nigel’s call because she believes people have special gifts though she doesn’t believe in religion. She only respected that and wanted to listen to what he had to tell her only for the man of God to act childish by behaving foolishly with her.

“I am not that type of a woman. No! Besides I don’t even like to date young men. Nigel I am way older than you. That’s why you call me senior. I never came to your office to seduce you. I was asleep when you called me to come to your office. Nigel if you truly believe in the God you serve then stop telling people I blackmailed you for money or came to your office with my nightie to seduce you. Because if you are a true man of God that believes in the God you serve, you will not entertain any lady that walks to your office in a nightie. You will rather sack such a lady and not allow her black mail you. You will come and share your story” she explained.

She added: “I remember that faithful day when you called me in my sleep to come see you. At that time I had so much respect for you even though I am not a christian. Because I felt you were my friend and a party colleague or whatever it is. You called me at midnight 12am to come so I thought you have dreamt about me or received a revelation about me. Although I don’t believe in religion, I believe in spirituality. I believe that people have special gifts. I believe in that. Because even my son has a special gift. He sees things and sometimes communicates with somethings and it`s weird to me sometimes. So I believe people have these special gifts. So when you called me to come that night, I thought because you have special gifts you have seen something about me and wanted to inform me about it. As a friend, a senior or a party colleague that’s why I responded to your call and drove to your office” she added.

“I did not come to your office alone. I came with two guys. So I have witnesses Nigel. When we arrived at your church, I called you on phone to come so we talk in my car because of what I was wearing but you insisted I come to your office. If I’m lying curse me like you claim to have cursed Afia Schwarzenegger. I did all this out of respect because I don’t believe in religion. I insisted you come out but you said no. So you later sent your guy. one Godway to come get me. When I entered your office I was expecting to see something supernatural. Something spiritural. Because I thought you were going to tell me something I have not heard before. But instead I met you in your boxer pant and a T-shirt. You started showing me stuffs in your office and telling me about celebrities. Nothing seems serious so I got disappointed but I had patience to tolerate you because I wanted to know exactly why you called me at midnight to come to your office. But you didn’t say anything important. Just gossiping about celebrities to me. You didn’t even present yourself as a man of God but rather behaved childishly” she revealed.

According to the singer, if the man of God continues to peddle these lies about her, she will come out and give details of everything that happened between them on that faithful day when she visited his office.

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