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Nollywood Actor, Ernest Asuzu Has Been Reported Dæd


The Vanguard and other reputable Nigerian websites have just reported that Nollywood actor Ernest Asuzu has died after he slumped and passed on Tuesday night, January 26, 2021.

The actor has not been in the best of shape, fraught with his battle with a stroke which rendered him poor and diminished his fame.

He was captured in a video shirtless by the roadside which caught the attention of industry people and fans to come to his aid. In a clip that surfaced at that time, Asuzu said he deliberately removed his shirt so that Nollywood practitioners would feel his pain. He also solicited financial assistance from well-meaning Nigerians to enable him to take care of his medical bills.

A good samaritan called Mr. Louis said he found the actor begging for alms on the streets of Oke-Afa in Isolo, Lagos. The actor could also be seen in the video nodding in affirmation. Asuzu also looked dazed and disoriented in the video. “So we are calling on Nollywood to come and assist their member. It is not only to act the film, but this guy also cannot even walk,” Mr. Louis said in the video.