Po¡soning: Househelp caught putting bleach into boss’ food; forced to eat food [Video]

In Ibadan Nigeria, an 18-year-old househelp has been accused of poisoning her boss’s food.

In a viral video, the boss is seen confronting the maid and accusing her of putting something in his meal.

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It’s unclear what prompted the boss to suspect the maid had tampered with his food, but he’s been heard insisting that the maid eat the amala and soup reserved for him.

 The househelp was hesitant to eat the food, claiming that the soup was unpleasant.

The boss then accused her of poisoning the food, but the teen swore on God’s name that she didn’t.

The househelp, who was recently employed by the family, was then threatened with arrest by the police.

When the boss requested that her belongings be searched, they discovered a pack of Hypo bleach.

When she was asked what the bleach was for, she sobbed and blamed the devil.

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Check Out Video Below:


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