Reason Why Akuapem Poloo is to be banished from her home town by The Traditional chiefs

Akuapem Poloo is the talk of the town now after she stripped herself and her son naked and shared the photo on social media to wish her son a happy 7th year birthday but things are not rosy since she posted that raunchy photography which have cause a major havoc to her personality and its affecting her career.

The traditional ruler of Mampong Akwapim Apesemankahene; Nana Yirenkyi I has reacted to the viral unclad photo of Akuapem Poloo and her son and he has banished her from the land and thechief believes if she is no more from Akuapem land anymore, she can’t use the name again.

According to the revered traditional ruler, Nana Yirenkyi have advised Rosemond Brown (Akuapem Poloo) to live a decent life always because of the Akuapem title attached to her name is a very important one but she refused to listen and finally disgraced the name and herself on social media.

 So resulting form that she will be banished from the Akuapem traditional land and will also be banned from using the name ‘Akuapem’Because according to Traditional ruler Nana Yirenkyi I, the Akuapen land is bigger and far valuable for one lady called Rosemond Brown Aka Akuapem Poloo to drag it in the mud.

The traditional ruler also reveleased in the interview that he will consult all the five divisional traditional chiefs in Akuapem land to deal with Rosemond Brown (Akuapem Poloo) and banish her from all Akuapem land in Ghana.

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