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SAD: ‘Strongman would have been selling nose masks if not Sarkodie’ – SarkNative goes haywire on ‘ungrateful’ Strongman


The truth is, Strongman is an exceptionally talented artiste taking into consideration his ability to fuss proverbial sayings with rap makes listening to him ­enjoying in any day.

As such, it was not surprising when Sarkodie signed him onto his SarkCess Music label on March 24, 2017.

However, Strongman and Sarkodie could not work for long as the duo parted ways barely a year and a half for obvious reasons.

As in the voice of loyal fans of Strongman, Sarkodie intentionally signed Strongman just to suppress and dim his light.

And now, Strongman is no longer in the camp of Sarkodie’s SarkCess Music, however, Strongman is still struggling to find his feet in the game as getting a hit song has become problematic since leaving Satkodie’s label.

With this, Strongman did not accept it when a fan suggested that his career is dead and his disrespect to Sarkodie has been the foundation on which his somewhat dying career is falling apart on.

The angry SarkNative went on to say that Strongman would have been selling nose masks especially in our days of covid if not Sarkodie, yet he keeps on disrespecting Sarkodie for reasons best known to him (Strongman).