“Sarkodie Could Lose A Deal For Rating Another Artiste Over Jay Z” – Shatta Wale Speaks

Some where last year, Shatta Wale had the chance to be on the same song with one of the biggest artistes in the world thus Beyonce, wife of Jay Z.

According to what Sammy Flex TV reporters heard, it was Beyonce who reached out to Shatta Wale for the collaboration and this brought a lot of tension among music fans in Ghana where the SM fans were seen teasing and making fun of Sarkodie and his fans. Late last year, another story came where we heard from the camp of Sarkodie that he is about to feature an artiste bigger than both Beyonce and Jay Z. This also kept Ghanaians wondering which artiste in the world might be bigger and mightier than the above mentioned artistes.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Kanye West is the artiste Ghanaians suspected but till now no clear hints have been given yet. In an interview with Sammy Flex TV’s Showbiz Daily, the host Sammy Flex asked about a story out there that Sarkodie has featured an artiste bigger than Jay Z, so he wanted to know the artiste Shatta Wale will feature again to beat that record. Read Shatta Wale`s response to the question:

“Music is music if you ask me. The way I see my self that’s the same way I see Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, Samini because we are all big in our territories and it’s very bad for another artiste to be rated above the other. It`s even hard for some one to ask which song is your biggest song because every song has its reach. Sarkodie could loose a feature or a deal out of such a statement because the one you are underrating may be of help someday to you but if this statement comes out, you might go out of the deal because they would not want to be belittled in any way” he advised.

The full video is in the link below for further analysis of his statement.

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