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See The prophetess dressing and her reasons… This is causing stirs on all social media handles


A celebrity stylist and a fashion entrepreneur named Toying Lawani has put on different celebrity posture in a form of a pop

On Sunday 28th of march 2021,a fashion entrepreneur rocked in a nuin outfit exposing her b0bs and shiny attractive ti√es on display

This was made in a movie premiere
The movie “the prophetess” by Toying Abraham which happens to be the director of the movie “the prophetess”ask all actors in the movie to dress like pops

But to this as a result, this young lady through this exposed her p√i^ate parts to the whole world to see and also for fame

This situation had led to the complain and laments from social media users and christians as a whole to see this as an insult to the Christianity Religion and to all leaders of various denominations and to pops also as well
According to this others also say “your level stμ¶idîty is f⁰∅lîßh because of fame u are insulting God why can’t u do this using a hijab because muslims respect themselves” by social media users

My question to you: Do u think this is an insult? And disrespect?

2. Or it’s just something for fun

Give your reply in the comments section

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