Shatta Wale Has Done What Even Our President Cannot Do – Ola Micheal

Radio presenter, Ola Micheal, has revealed that Shatta Wale needs to be celebrated because according to him, Shatta Wale has done something that even a president might not be able to accomplish.

The outspoken on-air personality further stated that Shatta is the biggest African artiste being mentioned worldwide at the moment according to online algorithms.

Speaking on Saturday’s Entertainment Review on Peace FM, Ola Michael stated that maybe Shatta Wale is not the main focus at the moment worldwide because the album belongs to Beyonce.

He however indicated that the fact that there are traces of his name here and there in connection to the “Already” music video, is enough recognition for Africa and Ghana.

“This is our biggest hit, so it does not matter if he’s the main focus, the small moments his name appears is huge for us” Ola Michael emphasized.

According to him, this is something good that not only the country should appreciate but policymakers as well.

“This is an economic chain that comes from Beyonce, through Shatta Wale to the very last person in the country,” he reiterated.

He further stated that Shatta Wale had to be “worshipped” over the international collaboration with the award-winning American singer.

“Me, I want to worship him now before he dies,” Ola Michael emphasized.

Watch full video below:

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