Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz engages in a fight at Tv3 premises (video)

Well known Ghanaian rapper from MTN hitmaker Freda Rhymz and singer turned rapper Sista Afia nearly exchanged blows at tv3 premises.

It all started wend Sista Afia composed a diss track for some of the female artistes in Ghana and Freda Rhymz also replied her with a diss track.

In Freda Rhymz’s diss track, she called Sista Afia all sort of name and also said she sells herself to man.

This rap didn’t go well with Sista Afia so she promised to beat Freda Rhymz up whenever the meet.

Well, couple hours ago, Freda and Sista Afia was so lucky to meet at Tv3 premises and it nearly created fight between them.

In the video sighted by 360ghnews.com, the singer turned rapper dared Freda Rhymz to say exactly what she said in her diss track and she will beat her up as she said.

The security men and both the artists managements were able to separate the from fight.


Socialite and photo model Efia Odo has put Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz in place after they were captured fighting in public.

The two rappers took the beef between them personal to an extent of fighting in public.

It all started when these musicians started dissing themselves and all of a sudden Sista Afia sent a strong warning to Freda Rhymz.

According to Sista Afia, Freda said she has been selling herself and for that matter she will beat her whenever she sees her.

After the fight Efia Odo put them in their right position.

According to Efia Odo in her Twitter post, the two rappers are fighting out of emotion.

She wrote

“Emotional rappers 😅😅

Popular Ghanaian actor and television personality Akwasi Boadi well known in the field of acting as Akrobeto has revealed when and how he stopped wetting on bed.

He reveals this secret about himself following a man who’s currently in the police custody for beating up his son because he is stubborn and bed wetter.

According to him, he got 18years before he was able to be healed from wetting on bed.

He stated that Apostles Safor came for him in Ayiribi in Oppong Nkrumah’s constituency and brought him to Accra when he was till a bed wet.

He added that, the confessed to him that very day but he didn’t pray for him and asked him to go to bed. That’s was the end of his bed wetting.


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