Home General News “Stop hating us, we are all humans” Director of LGBTQ Ghana.

“Stop hating us, we are all humans” Director of LGBTQ Ghana.


LGBTQI director, Alex Kofi Donkor urges Ghanaians to stop hating on them for they also have right as humans.

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It was published on this site early on 24th February 2021 that the Ghana Police has raided the office of the LGBTQ in Greater Accra.

A lot of Ghanaians have shared their views on the issue of the LGBTQ getting roots in the Country. Some speaks for, whilst others are also against such acts.

However, the director of the LGBTQ Rights Ghana, Alex Kofi Donkor has spoken about the ongoing issue in an interview on TV3.

According to him, they have certain rights as citizens of the country and must be given accordingly.

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“The fact that our sexual preferences are different from others doesn’t mean we are not humans and should not be respected.” He added.

Also, the opening of the LGBTQ office in Ghana is not an act but rather an office space where they will deliberate about the issues that affect them as a community.