That Was Close! Watch Video Of The Moment Hajia4Real’s B0.0bz Landed Outside As Fells Into A Pool With Dancegodloyd

Popular Ghanaian socialite, Queen Mona aka Hajia4Real dropped her fourth single titled ‘Baby’ recently and it featured none either than multiple award-winning musician, Shatta Wale.

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So far, the song is doing pretty well on a lot of online streaming platforms, especially Youtube with all the ads her term is running for her.

As the song gradually warms its way into the hearts of Ghanaians and music lovers all around the world, Hajia4Real decided to drop a video showing the dance steps to the song online.

Well, the video of herself and super-talented dancer, Dancegodloyd started very well but the end would best be described as a near shocker.

After they had danced for a little close to a minute, Hajia4Real was seen walking up to Dancegodloyd and they both landed into a pool.

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In the pool, it had to take Hajia’s quick her to save her the embarrassment of having all ger titti3s out there for the viewing pleasure of social media users.

Watch the hilarious video below…


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