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The 16 Year Old Student Who Was Häñgęd In Her School Finally Bür¡ęd With Cutlass To K¡ll Her K¡ll3rs (video)

Leticia was hangęd in her school dinning hall and according to eyewitnesses and some of the school authorities she committed sû¡cide.

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Well, she was buried yesterday where love ones and family members went to pay their last respect to her.

In the video which is making waves on the internet, the family members were seen raining cürsęs on her k¡llęr because they don’t accept that Leticia took her own life as many people are saying.

The head of the family was seen burying Leticia with cutlâss which they were heard saying she should k¡|| her k¡||ers.

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Watch video below

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