Use your common sense because the politicians doesn’t care about you – Yvonne Nelson says

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson ones again has advised Ghanaians to be careful about politicians.

According to her the same politicians who told us to remain in the house in other to be protected for the virus are the same people who are asking us to go out and do the voters registration.

In most of her tweets and Instagram post, she has been captured blasting politicians and some also believe that she is doing this because of the bad experience she had with the NPP party.

In the tweet we came across on Tuesday morning she said to Ghanaians that the politicians doesn’t care about them and for that matter they should use their common sense.

“Politician: stay home, stay safe ~ people: ok ~ Politician: go out and register ~ people: ok ME: the politician doesnt care about you, use your common sense, this election wont change anything in your life, joining crowded queues endangers your life.” She wrote.

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