Watch: Slây Qūêên almost ends up with life thr3atening injuries while trying to pull stunts on social

This video of a slây queeñ trying to pull off a crâzy stunt on Instagram but failed miserably is going viral on social media.

If you are having a bâd day or wondering what can brighten up your dull mood, then you need to watch this rib-cracking video.

You may have seen slây Quêêñ pulling crazy stunts on social media just for likes and retweets but this lass is outrageous.

The Slāy queen, who was in the b@throom and displaying her gymnastic skills to anyone who cared to see, fell down like a sack of cabbages and almost broke her leg.

Just imagine ending up with life threatening injuries because of a few Instagram likes.

Watch the video,


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