Why do you upset if you demand from men and they also demand S3x from you? – Efia Odo defends men

Actress and photo model Efia Odo has jumped to defend men for asking ladies for Tonga after spending on the ladies.

A lot of women depends on their boyfriends for everything they need in life and these same guys also turn back to request the ladies for Tonga and at times the ladies upsets.

Well, in actress Efia Odo’s Twitter post we came cross on Saturday morning, she said it clear that a lady shouldn’t demand from a man and expect him not to asked something in return.

According to her, why do ladies get upset when they ask their needs from men and the men also ask for “Tonga“.

She finally advised the ladies to stop demanding from men and let the themselves give it out to them (ladies).

“You demand more from a guy but when he demand “Tonga” from you you’re upset? Doesn’t seem fair does it? Don’t demand anything from anyone. Allow people to genuinely give you what you deserve.” She wrote.

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