Work hard ooo my brother and stop talking negative about people’s properties – Fella Makafui advices

Latest celebrity mother, Fella Makafui has sent a piece of message across her micro blogging tube, Twitter following how some people goes around vomiting negative about what people gain.

According to Fella Makafui in her Twitter post we came cross on Wednesday morning, she was spotted advising Ghanaians especially the men to hustle hard and make money.

She added that, they should work hard and make money so they will not look at people’s properties and say all what they have gotten is vanity.

Some netizens went hard with her for passing on such comments some also were in agreement with what she said.

“My brother hustle ooo,make you no go shout Vanity upon vanity for person mansion..” she wrote.

“hw3 wiase o u are in no position to tell someone to hustle bcos u don’t feed us😒😒dey in ya lane😎”, @brafrank0 tweeted.

“She doesn’t know how some people are feeling that’s why she posted this wack😒 she don’t know how many millions out there? hustling but still they can’t find way out!🙏🏾🙏🏾

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